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Tuesday, June 22, 2021
PMP certification Course

How can PMP certification improve your career?

The PMP certification courses, also known as project management certification, are impartial proof of one's project management skills and abilities. As a...
Google maps business chat feature

Google Maps: Now users can chat with businesses right from the app

Google new feature for Google Maps that would allow users to communicate with verified businesses on the app. The...
Coronavirus affect on social media

Coronavirus may affect your Social Media & Digital Marketing services

In a blog post, Google announced that to reduce the demand for people to come into offices, YouTube and other business divisions...
Facebook Messenger business

Facebook joins Messenger & Instagram chats in the new app for small businesses

Facebook is starting a new app to make small business owners maintain pages and profiles across Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram, COO Sheryl...
WhatsApp privacy policy

WhatsApp will not delete your account even if you don’t accept the privacy policy

Following much uproar, WhatsApp has abandoned the idea of pushing its users to accept the latest privacy policy by May 15.
Instagram Lite app

Instagram Lite app is launched, works on a 2G network as well

Facebook has launched Instagram lite in 170 countries, particularly for people with space memory concerns. The app is intended...
sushanth singh rajput Artificial Intelligence

Sushant Singh Rajput, Tech Visionary and Actor

Bollywood and the whole nation of India are mourning the untimely and tragic loss of Sushant Singh Rajput. Although he only managed...
AI Driving Decision Making

5 Ways in Which AI is Driving Decision Making

Before the emergence of artificial intelligence, entrepreneurs had to make decisions based on incomplete or inconsistent information. AI technology has made it...
Xbox One games to iPhone

Microsoft’s new Xbox app will allow streaming Xbox One games to iPhone

Microsoft is on to release a big Xbox app update for iOS that combines the expertise to stream Xbox One games to...
Pinterest COO

Previous COO of Pinterest is suing for gender discrimination

The former COO of Pinterest is suing the company for gender discrimination. Françoise Brougher states she was paid less than her male...

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